Most Popular Romanian Cuisines

An Overview of Romanian Cuisine Romania is not necessarily known for its food and the cuisine from this country is not as popular perhaps as the dishes from many other countries across the globe. However, to not try some traditional Romanian cuisine is a mistake as the flavors in these dishes are superb. Romanian dishes are based on a wide range of traditions and are influenced by Ottoman cuisine as well as the cuisine of Hungary, Germany, Serbia, Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria. Whether you are travelling to Romania and are wondering what to expect in terms of food or you fancy trying some of the dishes yourself at home, here is an overview of some of the most popular dishes in Romania. Popular Traditional Romanian Dishes Pork is the most widely eaten meat in Romania and many of the dishes are based around using this meat. All cuts of pork are used, including offal and the trotters. The food philosophy in Romania is definitely waste not want not. A meat stew called Tocaniţă is particularly popular and skinless grilled sausages, called mititei, feature on many menus. Pork greaves, fatty pieces of meat fried in pork fat, are often the highlight […]

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With a rich cultural history, magnificent landscapes, delicious food, and a number of unique tourist attractions, Romania is an outstanding place to take your next vacation. Exquisite beaches, bustling cities, and breathtaking mountaintops provide a wide array of places to visit, but where should travelers stay? Romania is home to several 5 star luxury resorts that provide visitors with a relaxing place to return to after a long day enjoying all Romania has to offer. Top Romanian Resorts in the City 1. Carol Parc Hotel Situated within walking distance of Bucharest’s center, Carol Parc Hotel is located in a quite area next to Bucharest’s oldest and largest park. The 20 gorgeous rooms were individually designed and decorated by several of Italy’s top artisans and provide panoramic views of the property. Terraces, plasma TVs, wood-burning fireplaces, and massages on request are just a few of the reasons the Carol Parc stands out. Amenities include on-site fine dining, high speed internet, and a state of the art business and fitness center. 2. Radisson Blu Bucharest Named one of TripAdvisor’s 2015 Travellers’ Choice Winners, the Radisson Blu Bucharest is located in the heart of Bucharest and includes 719 expertly decorated rooms, as well […]

8 Reasons to Move to Romania

If you’ve always wanted to live near the enchanted forest of Transylvania, Romania is the place to go. Romania is that one place to move to if you’re looking for nature and culture. You will not find the modernization of other European countries in Romania, yet the flavor of the broken streets and women of the country are hard to ignore. The fact is that Romania did not develop at a similar pace as other European countries, a reason it still stands out on its own; its charm and splendor that you will fall for. You have everything you need and yet, the environment seems to be one of the 1950’s. There are a number of reasons why you will love to move in to Romania. Explore Nature’s Beauties If you live The Black Sea coast has miles of sand beaches that you can explore. You can have a glimpse of the Greek culture that dates as far back as the 7th Century, BC. The capital city of Romania, Bucharest is a metropolis people love. There are the Belle Époque buildings that are a delight to look at. The city has a number of architectural beauties, from The Arch of […]

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